Passive Aggressive Dads Makes Its Way Across the Pond!

I’m excited to announce that the short film I wrote and directed, Passive Aggressive Dads, has been selected to play at the BFI London Film Festival.

So far the short has been selected by over 20 festivals, including Sedona, Nantucket, Breckenridge, SOHO, and SCAD Savannah.

We’re over the moon with the success of this 5-minute, ever so slightly twisted, short film.

For more information, please visit the film’s website and visit its Facebook page.

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The Time I Was Recruited into a Cult

My black tux was a rental. Ali borrowed a pale, blue dress that accentuated her angular Scandinavian features and short, dirty blond hair. We never had occasion to get dressed up for anything, and we had never ventured beyond Olive-Garden-grade restaurants. But there we sat, at a large table, surrounded by about three hundred women and men dressed in gowns and tuxes, in a five-star Westchester, New York restaurant. The place was lit by the glow of a million white Christmas lights, strung over the vast dining room’s low, sloped ceiling.

The excitement was palpable and the people were fascinating. Doctors, lawyers, businesspeople—they’d all inexplicably, and somewhat recently, decided to become computer programmers. As a senior in college, finishing off a questionable combined degree in philosophy and music studio recording at a small state college, I found their professional life-choices bold and impressive on a number of levels.

I finished the last sips of what was the best cup of gourmet coffee I ever had when he strode into the room. Continue reading

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