Screenplays by Jim

Igor and Frankie
(family animation)

Logline: Chaos abounds at the MIT women’s dorm when Igor mistakenly creates a serum that brings stuffed animals to life. When the formula’s stolen, she must team up with Frankie, her manic inventor roommate-from-hell, to steal it back and subdue a rampaging, fluffy abomination.

This screenplay is on the Black List Top Lists and is A Top 2% Project and #13 for Family films on Coverfly.

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The Cult of Us
(romantic comedy)

Fact: Cult members do believe cults exist; they’re just incapable of believing that they’re in one.

Logline: A celibate spiritualist and his wildly promiscuous roommate fall in love as they try to save each other from their respective cults.

This screenplay has advanced into the 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-Finalist round. I’ve been featured in a number of national media pieces about cults, including an award-winning Dateline NBC expose about the cult leader I followed for a year (it totally seemed like a good idea at the time).

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