In the Media

IMDB – Jim Picariello

As a Filmmaker:

Sundance Institute (Sundance Film Festival): Inside the Short Filmmaking World: From Budget to Festival

Pink Magazine – Reel Corner – November 2019, by Donne Paine

2019 Austin Film Festival Pitch Finals – Sponsored by Roadmap Writers

Ellsworth American: Local filmmaker’s dark comedy headed to film fests

Ellsworth American: Budding screenwriter’s short to debut on “Sesame Street”

As Anti-Cult Activist:

Wired Magazine: A Different Kind of Network: ‘Crazy Fred’ Expands His Reach

Washington Post expose on Frederick Lenz, a.k.a., Zen Master Rama – Visions of Gold

The following Dateline exposé begins late, since NBC took down the first segment…

As Entrepreneur:

Wall Street Journal Article on CitySoft: Harvard Webheads Aim To Save City, Show Profit

CNN Piece on CitySoft – Off urban streets, into computer jobs

Entrepreneur Magazine on CitySoft:  2001: An Entrepreneurial Odyssey

MIMC Award given to CitySoft for Contribution to Society

The New Pioneers bThomas Petzinger
Making a Life, Making a Living by Mark Albion

Wise Acre
APM Marketplace: The dramatic inception and ultimate demise of Wise Acre

CBS Moneywatch: My Company Grew Too Fast — and Went Out of Business

USAToday: Fast growth for your small business isn’t always good

The FoodChannel review of Wise Acre frozen treats

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2 thoughts on “In the Media

  1. I looked at your Youtube channel. From seeing the Rama documentary, you really explained things so well. I reckon you should do more talks about that experience. You explained so factually and it is interesting to see someone like yourself talk about the experience in the way that you do.

    I think more people could relate to you as cults still exist.

    Anyway, best of luck.

    This website is really hard to send a comment to you.

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