In the Media

IMDB – Jim Picariello

As a Filmmaker:

Sundance Institute (Sundance Film Festival): Inside the Short Filmmaking World: From Budget to Festival

Pink Magazine – Reel Corner – November 2019, by Donne Paine

2019 Austin Film Festival Pitch Finals – Sponsored by Roadmap Writers

Ellsworth American: Local filmmaker’s dark comedy headed to film fests

Ellsworth American: Budding screenwriter’s short to debut on “Sesame Street”

As Anti-Cult Activist:

Wired Magazine: A Different Kind of Network: ‘Crazy Fred’ Expands His Reach

Washington Post expose on Frederick Lenz, a.k.a., Zen Master Rama – Visions of Gold

The following Dateline exposé begins late, since NBC took down the first segment…

As Entrepreneur:

Wall Street Journal Article on CitySoft: Harvard Webheads Aim To Save City, Show Profit

CNN Piece on CitySoft – Off urban streets, into computer jobs

Entrepreneur Magazine on CitySoft:  2001: An Entrepreneurial Odyssey

MIMC Award given to CitySoft for Contribution to Society

The New Pioneers bThomas Petzinger
Making a Life, Making a Living by Mark Albion

Wise Acre
APM Marketplace: The dramatic inception and ultimate demise of Wise Acre

CBS Moneywatch: My Company Grew Too Fast — and Went Out of Business

USAToday: Fast growth for your small business isn’t always good

The FoodChannel review of Wise Acre frozen treats

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