About Jim

Jim Picariello believes he should write about himself in the third-person. You are reading him do that.

Jim lives in Brooksville, Maine with his wife Jill Day and his two girls, Lucena and Isla.

In 1993, Jim was slated to graduate from UMass Dartmouth with a brilliantly-chosen combined degree in Philosophy and Electronic Music Production.

Without a clear career path, and some lingering spiritual aspirations, Jim was promptly recruited into a Buddhist, Computer Programming Cult.

No, you read it right.

And it was run by a guy named Frederick Lenz, a.k.a. Zen Master Rama.

Jim would like to think this was an instance of hindsight being 20/20 and not that he was a complete shithead.

After being rescued from the cult from friends and family (thanks again, everyone), Jim became an activist against destructive mind control cults and the grip they have over their followers.

Since then, Jim has been a Socially-Conscious Web Entrepreneur, run a quaint food Co-op, founded Wise Acre – a widely distributed all-natural frozen dessert company (which was wildly successful until it was a total failure), and an Instructional Designer at a local maritime college.

Jim is currently a screenwriter/filmmaker and continues to demonstrate his near-genius decision making skills by trying to do so from rural, coastal Maine.

Feel free to get in touch: jimpicariello (at) gmail.com

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